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How To Turn On The Firewall On Norton Antivirus?

There are a lot of security techniques to secure our computers and other systems. The need of these techniques has grown considerably in past few years as there has been a rapid increase in the cyber attacks in these times. Whether you are at your home, at your office or at any other organization, having antivirus or other software of this kind is a must. No one can compromise with the security of his or her system as it always contains some crucial confidential data on it. The best software to secure all your information is simply Norton.

Symantec Corporation has a lot of such software’s that can deal with any type of system vulnerability. You can find your kind of product from its pack of offerings and there are different features in each category. One basic feature that you can exercise in almost all its products is related to the use of the firewall. It is a type of setting that enables your computer to block any external activity from any agent which your computer not recognizes. If this setting is disabled on your system then you can take the help of Norton support to find the most suitable solution.

Follow The Below Mentioned Steps In Order To Turn On The Firewall On Your Current Device::

  • First, on whatever device you are using, open the Norton product installed on it.
  • On the home page of this software, click the settings button.
  • Now, go to the detailed settings to see the full configuration. .
  • Press the firewall button in the detailed settings column.
  • To turn it on, go to the general tab and there look for the smart firewall field and there slide the slider to the on side.
  • To show your responses, click the apply button and close this window.
  • Finally, restart your computer and after this, you are done.

You can Contact Norton support from your phone to get an additional assistance. This support team can do the required task on your behalf also. For this, they will access your problem remotely and then will provide you the best solution.